The company Trokadero & Fm Tobacco was founded in 2006 as a tobacco processing and cigarette manufacturing operation with several brands known as Trokadero and FM.

Trokadero an FM brand ranges are produced under licence by “Bulgartabac Holding“ and “Slantze Stara Zagora Tabac“ (Bulgaria) in their factories, famous for their long standing traditions.

The launch of the brands took place in 2006 at a lower price point. Today, while still striving to maintain a competitive price, Trokadero and FM are being produced with carefully selected Premium Tobacco blends to deliver a smooth taste, slow burn and a longer-lasting smoking experience.

Initially the distribution of those cigarettes took place mostly on the markets of the countries in the Balkan Peninsula - Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, from 2011 onwards these brands were also introduced in Macedonia. Lately both brands are being presented on the Iraqi market.


Trokadero Tobacco Company is based in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia.


Trokadero Tobacco Company currently is employing over 200 employees – principled, creative, dynamic and passionate people. They are proud of their company's principled approach to marketing a controversial product. Needless to say, the company is very proud of its employees' determination to overcome business challenges, to always seek better ways to serve adult tobacco consumers and to strive to excel.